Lifelessons: What You’ll Find on This Site


This scene appeared in front of me as I drove to Ajijic. I pulled over as quickly as I could and captured this photo, which looks like a sunset but is actually a sunrise. Sometimes it is hard to tell a beginning from an ending. I guess my move to Mexico was both.

On the pages of this blog, you will find the poems, stories, books, essays and photographs of a youngest child, small town girl, waitress, traveler, teacher, writer, artist, t.v. production assistant, curator, editor, poet.  My blog address is “grieflessons” because this started out to be a website to try to get my book Lessons from a Grief Diary: Rebuilding Your Life after the Death of a Loved One out into the world.  If you need to know a bit more about that, please click here and go to the second book description on that page. If you wonder why the name of this blog is “Lifelessons,” when the url says “grieflessons,” look here.

I gave birth to this blog on March 27, 2013 and it very quickly turned into a blog not about grieving, but about life.  On July 14, 2014, I published my 172nd blog entry.  Most of these entries were made during a one month period of 2013 and April through June of 2014 when I vowed to make an entry a day, writing to a prompt sent to me either by the NaPoWriMo site, the WordPress Daily Post prompt or prompts by readers of my blog—and to do most in verse form. You may see them, newest to oldest, here.

If you’d rather start with Prairie Moths, Memories of a Farmer’s Daughter, an account, in verse, of growing up in a place where you would think there wasn’t very much going on—unless, of course, you could look into the imaginative mind of a youngest child whose whole family seemed to go continually on ahead of her, leaving her lots of time to observe and comment.  She tells her story from a progression of selves, aged 6 through 50. To read more about Prairie Moths, go here.

My newest publication outside of this blog is Sock Talk: A Christmas Story, my first children’s book in a series of 5.  Illustrated by Isidro Xilonzóchitl, this rhymed picture book aims for an audience age 3-93. To test its success, go here to read a sample. Upcoming books in the series are: Sunup/Sundown Song, Fish Feet, I Really Want a Puppy, and How Come the Thumb, Chum?

I hope you will be interested enough in my blog to meet me here daily. In mid-November, 2014, I go to the beach for 2 months to work on a new novel. In the meantime, I will blog happily on.


9 thoughts on “Lifelessons: What You’ll Find on This Site

    1. grieflessons Post author

      Thanks, Kate. It was a gift. Looked up and there it was! Couldn’t pull off the road fast enough.
      I, too, have taken lots of skyscapes–mainly sunrise, sunset or clouds–but this is my favorite.

  1. grieflessons Post author

    That was 72 poems ago, dear Ann. I am at 172 now. I just ran my entire blog off yesterday —264 pages. I could have written a book! (But wouldn’t have. This is like eating the whole cow but just by taking very small bite by very small bite.) xoxo


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